Our updated recommendations are available annually in July when new products and Back-to-School sales specials are announced. Incoming students will be e-mailed when that information is available, and it will also be available on the ResNet website.

We are confident that you will love a Mac! With Macs, iPhones, and iPads, Apple has opened a new world to computer users. We have staff who know Macs inside and out and Apple computers are fully compatible with ResNet at Saint Mary's College. Saint Mary's supports the use of Apple technology on campus and offers special savings to students, faculty and staff on purchases from Apple.

Both Mac and Windows computers can be connected to our network if they meet the requirements listed in our Student’s Guide to Bringing a Computer to Saint Mary’s College, and both are equally supported on campus. The majority of Saint Mary’s students (over 70%) choose to bring a Mac computer to campus. Regardless of major, Saint Mary's students will be exposed to both computer platforms while they are on campus.

One thing to consider when purchasing a computer is the prevalence of viruses and spyware/adware on computers. At this time, there are only a handful of macOS computer viruses/trojans, and over 250,000 virus threats to Windows computers. The amount of malware (malicious software) for Windows computers is also significantly higher than for macOS. Students with Windows computers will spend much more time removing these problems from their computers and spending time on preventative maintenance than macOS users.

Click here to see our Recommended Systems from Apple!

Save with Apple Education Pricing. Saint Mary's College students, parents purchasing on their behalf, faculty, and staff can save on any Mac computer by purchasing online through from -- where you’ll have the choice to select free shipping or to buy online and pick up at an Apple Store near you, as well as financing options.

Shop now at and start saving.

Devices such as Apple’s iPad should be viewed as a complement to a student’s computer, rather than as a replacement for a student’s computer. ResNet provides basic support for iOS devices (including Apple’s iPad and iPhone), including assistance with issues involving connecting to the BelleNet wireless network and setting up the device to access Saint Mary’s e-mail.

ResNet is unable to perform hardware repairs for students, regardless of the brand or model of device.

We recommend that AppleCare, Apple's extended warranty, be purchased with any new Apple computer or mobile device. For details on AppleCare, please visit the AppleCare Protection Plan website.

Saint Mary's College recommends that students purchase a USB Ethernet Adapter (sold separately) to connect to the wired network on campus to provide a faster Internet connection for high-bandwidth activities.

Please note that Saint Mary's College provides Microsoft 365 for Students for free to our students. Microsoft 365 for Students offers full versions of current Office software that can be downloaded and installed on students' personally-owned macOS and Windows computers. Versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for mobile devices are also included with Microsoft 365 for Students. After a license has been assigned, a Saint Mary’s student can install Office software on up to five personally-owned devices. There are no monthly subscription fees associated with the Microsoft 365 for Students license. Licenses for the software can be requested online by active students during orientation and when classes are in session for the academic year. The software can then be downloaded directly from Microsoft. We do not recommend purchasing this software elsewhere.

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