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Important ResNet Information for Incoming Students!

ResNet's Recommended Apple Computers

ResNet's Recommended Dell Computers

Recommended Computer Models

ResNet announces computer recommendations for specific Apple and Dell computer models for Saint Mary's students each July to help make your purchasing decisions easier. You can order our recommended computers online through our custom Apple and Dell websites. 

By waiting until the summer to buy a computer for college, you will be able to take advantage of educational discounts, new hardware and software available, and special "Back to School" sales our vendors offer. 

We recommend specific MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models from Apple, and specific models from Dell

Microsoft Campus Agreement Software

Saint Mary's College offers Microsoft 365 for Students for free to our students! Microsoft 365 includes Office software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365 offers full versions of current Office software that can be downloaded and installed on students' personally-owned Mac and Windows computers.

Students can obtain a license for Microsoft 365 for Students online. After the license has been assigned, the software can then be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft licenses will be available from ResNet beginning Thursday, August 22, 2024 for incoming undergraduate students. 

More details will be sent to students via e-mail in August.

ResNet Support

ResNet refers to the team that provides technology support to students at Saint Mary’s College. ResNet support is available to assist any student who requests our help with technology during the academic year.

Our Student’s Guide to Bringing a Computer to Saint Mary’s College is available on the ResNet website - it will be very useful as you select a computer that will be an important academic and personal tool over the next four years. The guide includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers about ResNet to assist you with your search for the computer that best fits your needs.

ResNet at Saint Mary's College supports specific operating systems for computers and mobile devices. For more information, please visit the ResNet web site at

The Campus iStore was developed by the Department of Information Technology to help students, parents, faculty, and staff select and purchase personal computers and software at educational discount rates from College-approved vendors. The Campus iStore does not carry any computers in stock, we only assist with computer purchasing process to help you make the best decisions for your needs.

Our recommended systems have been approved by our Information Technology professionals and meet the expected computing needs of our students for four years. The systems we recommend are the same models Saint Mary's College buys for our faculty and staff - we follow our own recommendations.

We strongly recommend that students wait to purchase a computer until you receive computer purchasing information from ResNet, which will be sent out in July. At that time we will be able to offer our specific computer recommendations for current Apple and Dell models to help make your purchasing decisions easier, and you will be able to take advantage of new computer models, educational discounts, and special "Back to School" sales our vendors offer during the summer.

If you have questions about purchasing a personal computer, contact ResNet at